Why Will My Toilet Not Flush

In line with other common reported problems in plumbing I be covering one of the most commonly reported problems here which is “while will a toilet not flush”.

Problems with toilet flushing mechanisms are very common. Sometimes they are caused by human error and sometimes they are caused by mechanical failures. So going to cover here the most common causes for a toilet not be how to flush and hopefully if you work through them you will get your toilet flushing normally again.

Not Enough Water In The Tank

Why Will My Toilet Not FlushOne of the main reasons that your toilet will not fresh properly or even at all could be that there is not enough water in the tank. When you have a very low water level it severely reduces the ability feel toilet to work efficiently. Each toilet manufacturer will have a recommended water level (sometimes marked on the inside of the cistern). Usually you will find that the high-level Mark will be around an inch to an inch and a half low the top of the tank.

If you believe that your water is not high enough then check that no adjustments have been made from the float which means it will cut the water supply off before it reached optimum height. Pour water manually into the tank up to the fill height and then try and flush. If it works correctly, then you know the amount of water in the tank is the issue.

Lift Chain Defective

One thing you should note is if the flap a chain is not in the right place or has worked its way loose then it can have detrimental effects on the ability feel toilet flush correctly. You need to check that the flap a chain is set at the if it isn’t then make the adjustments necessary for it to allow water to correctly sit in your tank.

Blocked Inlets

While blocked inlets are not the most common problem they could explain why you are having problems flushing your toilet. The easiest way to tell if your inlets are blocked is to see if the water flows all around the bowl when you flush the toilet. If it does not there is a good chance of the problem lies with a blocked hold. Normally an anti-lime scale product all release any blockages but as a bit of a home-made solution get some white vinegar and heat it up. Pour that hot liquid through the overflow tube. You need now to let that liquid sit for at least an hour. Hopefully after this period when you flush it will release any lime scale that is caught up. If it is continual problem, then installing a water softener could be the easiest way to get round this.

Blocked Toilet

it’s probably comes as no surprise that a blocked toilet is usually the source of the problem when a tall it refuses to flush properly.

There are several things which can cause your toilet to block up and they are usually down to what you put down your toilet. Where possible try to avoid flushing baby wipes or any other foreign objects other than toilet paper down the toilet. The reason for this is they are not properly degradable and eventually get caught up together and can block the pipe. It is way to remove this, blockage is to purchase some chemicals for opening drains. Usually this stuff is extremely corrosive so handle with care. Simply pour it down the toilet bowl and leave it to rest for 15 to 20 minutes. When you see the water level in the bold move down is a starter indication that the blockage is slowly starting to clear.

You may well need to use a plunger after using the chemicals to shift the more stubborn blockages. A toilet plunger uses pressure moving in one direction another to help shift the blockage. If the problem still persists then you may well need to call a plumber with the correct set of rods in order to clear blocked drains.


These were the most common problems we face when a toilet will not flush properly and hopefully you found the answer to your problem within this blog post. Any questions about what I have written about here and please use the contact me page I will get back to you soon as I can. Thanks for reading.

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